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Instructions for joining UAC - READ HERE FIRST!

on Wed Nov 15, 2017 10:51 pm
UAC is always looking for new members to join us. For that reason we are super excited that you are here about to submit a membership application. However, the trek to being in UAC is not as easy as just asking to join. In order to provide the financial, academic and tactical support for our members that we pride ourselves on providing, we need to ensure all our members are on board with us and what we believe. Therefore we have some steps you MUST follow in order to join UAC. Failure to follow these steps will result in termination from the alliance.

Step 1: In the sticky post below this one is an application template. Copy it, then create a new thread, n that thread paste the application and fill it out to completion.
Step 1a: Please name the thread "[Ruler Name]'s Application"

Step 2: A government member in the Department of Internal Affairs will check the application within 24 hours. Because of the amount of resources it takes to train new CN members, you will be thoroughly investigated before you are accepted. Check your application often because you may be asked questions

Step 3: After you are accepted into UAC you are only a recruit. After becoming a recruit you have 1 week to pass the tests found in the Academy. Read all the Academy material and then take the tests. More specific instructions are found in the Testing Arena. The most important part is that you read the materials found in Nation Building Academy and the War/Tactical Academy
Step 3a: If you are a well established nation and believe that the Nation Building Academy is unnecessary, you can make an appeal to skip that test by contacting a government member in our Discord chat by using the link provided at the bottom of this thread. Don't bother even trying to skip that test unless your current Nation Strength is above 10,000

Step 4: After your tests have been completed, graded, and passed, you will be masked as a member of the United Alliance Council. At this point please head over to the Department of Economics and sign up for Trade Circles and Tech Deals. As you should know from the Academy, these are extremely beneficial

Step 5: Enjoy life as a UAC member. Make sure to join our Discord using the link provided below. Follow our rules as outlined in the Academy and if you ever wish to revisit some of our guides go to the Library. Thanks!

- Hijaxx, Director of Foreign Affairs
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